24MP Drone Mapping Camera Surveyor 24S for Drone Lidar Mapping


Camera format: APS-C

Sensor type: CMOS

Camera Effective Megapixels: 24.3MP

24MP Camera Sensor Size: 366.6mm2 (23.5mm*15.6mm)

Shutter Speed Range: 1/4000-30

Usable Memory Type: SD/SDHC/SDXC/MS

Hot shoe for PPK: Yes (optional)

Uncompressed Format: RAW, RAW+JPEG

USB2.0: Yes


Image Stabilization: Yes

Power source: 9-28V Lipo or Liion

Camera Size (W*H*D in mm): 76.5*62*38

Camera (body only) weight: 130 g


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24MP Drone Mapping Camera Surveyor 24S for Drone Lidar Mapping

As ADTi 24MP ABS version surveyor lite has been a hot sell product, we have received many inquiries from our valuable customers that they want more durable case and industrial looking features for the drone lidar camera.

This is Why ADTi Surveyor 24S was born. It is fully made by aluminum, and it has mount hole on the side, so it is able to be directly mounted on a lidar unit or a drone damping system. it is 130 g in weight, only add 25 kg weight comparison with the 24MP surveyor Lite, it is compatible with any Sony E mount lens, as well as ADTi lightweight E mount 25mm (33.9 g) and 35mm (25.8g) F5.6 mapping camera lens.

This ADTi Surveyor 24S has many new features, it adopts HDMI video capture card for camera parameter changing, so it does not need cables to connect ADTi camera display as the surveyor lite does, simply connect video capture card with HDMI, and then the video capture card connect with any android phone or tablet, simple and easy!

this new version has built-in heat sink that allows camera works in a high temperature weather condition.


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