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HeX PDB-40A Rc Drone Distribution Board 5V/12V Output 6-Channels 25A Step-Down Power Distribution Board For Rc Drone Accessories


Product description:

PDB-40A Power Distribution Board

The 40A power distribution board is a 4oz power distribution board that provides high performance and high stability for drones. It can output a constant 25A and a peak current of 40A for 6 ESCs. It also provides 5V and 12V output for the gimbal. , Servo motor, Rc receiver. Power supply for flight control, LED, etc.


Product advantages:

Compared with similar products, the PDB-40A power distribution board first increases the voltage, reduces the loss caused by the voltage on the wire, and avoids the lower working voltage range of the equipment. And integrated LED control module, you don\’t need to add an extra board to control the LED, the integration is higher, and the function is more abundant.

This design can improve more efficient performance for users to achieve longer flight time, better dynamic behavior and more smooth and stable performance.


Product weight: 14.5g

Overall thickness: 5.2mm

PCB thickness: 1mm


Performance specification:

Input voltage range (3S-6S lithium battery operation): 9-26V DC 5V and 12V output

LED power indicator (5V and 12V output)

6 ESC outputs and a pair of VCC (battery voltage)/GND (ground) pads


ESC output:

Peak current: 6-40A

Constant current: 6-25A


BEC 5V output:

For RC receivers, flight controllers, OSDs and servos

DC/DC synchronous buck regulator

The definition of the connector is the same as the CUBE carrier board

Voltage: 5.3+/﹣0.1V

Constant current: 3 Amps

Output ripple: 40mV (VIn=16V, VOut=5V@2A load)


BEC 12V output:

For video TX or FPV cameras with voltage regulator

The battery needs to be a 4-6S lithium battery (13-26V DC current)

Voltage: 12.0+/﹣0.3 AC voltage

Constant current: 2A

Short circuit tolerance: 2 seconds/min



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