RadioMaster TX12 16ch OpenTX Multi-Module Compatible Digital Proportional Radio


The RadioMaster TX12 Multi-Protocol OpenTX 2.4GHz RC Transmitter is the most compact in its class! This mini radio controller is officially supported by OpenTX Firmware and Companion PC software.

Radiomaster TX12 remote control is suitable for all types of fixed-wing aircraft, gliders, helicopters, cars, boats, robotics, multi-rotor aircraft and anything else you might create, if you can build it RadioMaster can control it.


  • JR Style External Module Bay
  • Supports up to 16 Channels.
  • Large Battery Compartment
  • Built-In CC2500RF Chip.
  • Removable Antenna
  • Compact – Mini Size
  • Ergonomic Design
  • Supports MicroSD
  • Built-In Charging
  • Easy Navigation
  • Folding Handle
  • Voice Support
  • OpenTX
  • Metal roller


  • Size: 170*159*108mm
  • Weight: 363g
  • Frequency: 2.400GHZ-2.480GHZ
  • RF Chip: Single-chip Multi-protocol(CC2500)
  • Supported Protocols: Corona, Hitec, Futaba S-FHSS, Frsky D16/D8, RadioLink, Graupner HoTT*
  • Transmitting Power: 20dbm
  • Antenna Gain: 2db
  • Working Current: 160mA@8.4V
  • Voltage Range: 6.6-8.4v DC
  • Range: > 2km @ 20dbm (depending on receiver)
  • Radio Firmware: OpenTX(Transmitter)/ Multi-Module(RF module)
  • Channels: Up to 16 (depending on the receiver)
  • Display: 128*64 Monochrome LCD display
  • Gimbal: High precision potentiometer gimbals
  • External module: JR/FrSKY/Crossfire compatible
  • Upgrade Method: USB/SD card & OpenTX Companion PC software

TX12 is pre-installed with factory approved OpenTX firmware. To download the latest firmware for your TX12 

Safety Information

Many remote-control models are equipped with powerful motors and sharp propellers. When using or maintaining models, proceed with caution. When performing assembly or maintenance, make sure to disconnect the power to the model and remove the propellers.

Do not operate the TX12 remote control system under the following conditions:

  • In severe weather or strong windy conditions, such as rain, hail, snow, storms or electromagnetic environments.
  • In any situation where visibility is limited.
  • In areas where people, property, high-voltage power lines, public roads, vehicles or animals may be present.
  • If you feel tired or unwell, or under the influence of drugs or alcohol.
  • If the remote control or model seems to be damaged or not working properly.
  • In areas with high 2.4GHz interference or where 2.4GHz radio is prohibited.
  • When the radios battery voltage is too low to be used.
  • In areas where local regulations prohibit the use of aviation models.
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