SKYRC MC3000 Multichemistry Battery Charger and Analyzer 8,929.00 excl. GST
The SKYRC MC3000

battery charger is designed for charging round cylindrical single-cell batteries or all common types of battery chemistries. It has four bays so no more hassles with battery holders fiddly wiring, clamps, or similar DIY solutions. The SKYRC MC3000 offers a maximum charge rate of 3A/slot of true, constant current for charging and discharging. It even comes with a USB charging port.

The SKYRC MC3000 is the only full-function charger for cylindrical rechargeable batteries we have come across that was both compact and affordable for the average hobbyist. It also has the huge advantage of being able to charge all the common and not-so-common chemistries available in cylindrical batteries including NiZn, LiFe, and Lithium-Ion so you no longer need a box full of different chargers to make sure every type is covered.

Skyrc Mc3000 Universal Battery Charger And Analyzer

Skyrc Mc3000 Universal Battery Charger And AnalyzerSkyrc Mc3000 Universal Battery Charger And AnalyzerFeatures:

  1. Bluetooth 4.0 Technique
  2. Enables users to operate the charger and view the real-time charging process via the mobile App – Universal Charger.
  3. Compatible with Lithium-ion, Eneloop, Ni-MH, Ni-Cd, Ni-Zn, LiFePO4, Lilo4.35 batteries – Accurate Analyzer.
  4. Not only displays real charge/discharge voltage, current, and capacity, but MC3000 can also help you refresh analyze, count batteries’ cycles, check current, restart voltage, repair (break-in) batteries, etc. – Rich User Interface, Professional Programming.
  5. The entire charging process is all in your control by just 8 buttons. 30 user-defined profiles can be set – PC Control
  6. Except for Bluetooth APP control, software control is enabled for users to operate the charging process via PC link interface – LED Screen
  7. The integrated 128 x 64 pixels LCD panel displays charging parameters and progress during operation – Foolproof Protections
  8. Features current limit, capacity limit, temperature threshold, and charging time limit to protect batteries – AC adapter input voltage: AC 100-240V

Package Includes:

1 x SKYRC MC3000 Multichemistry Battery Charger and Analyzer

1 x AC switching adaptor

1 x AC power cord

Additional Information
Weight 620 g
Dimensions 20 × 12 × 7 cm