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    • Sensors: Accelerometer, Gyroscope, Compass, Barometric Pressure Sensor
    • Power input voltage/rated input current: 4.1-5.7 V / 2.5 A
    • Power rated output/input power: 14 W
    • USB port input voltage/rated input current: 4-5.7 V / 250 mA
    • Servo rail input voltage: 3.3 V / 5 V
    • Not waterproof. External waterproof protection is needed
    • Operation Temperature: -10 °C / 55 °C
    • Cube Orange+ Housing Material: CNC Aluminum Alloy
    • ADSB Carrier Board Housing Material: ABS Molding
    Sku: HX4-06041

    Pixhawk Cube Orange+ standard set with ADS-B carrier board

    32,500.00 excl. GST
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    • Faster H7 SOC with 1MB ram. (STM32H757)
    • Upgraded triple redundant IMU sensors.
    • Two sets of IMU are vibration-isolated mechanically, reducing the effects of frame vibration.
    • Temperature-controlled IMUs, allowing optimum working temperature of IMUs.
    • Entire flight management unit (FMU) and inertial management unit (IMU) housed in small form factor (cube).
    • Manufacturers can design their own carrier boards to suit their specific needs now and in the future.
    • CubePilot carrier board compatible. All inputs and outputs go through a 80 pin DF17 connector, allowing plug-in solution for manufacturers of commercial systems.
    Sku: 304006

    The Cube Orange+ (IMU V8)

    20,450.00 excl. GST
    • ● Dual power inputs (redundant power with automatic switch to the second power source when first one fails)
    • ● Easy to install on drone (see the mounting pattern above)
    • ● Power distribution & voltage protection (providing current to each connector)
    • ● Motor PWM signal distribution (up to 8 motors - distributed on corners)
    • ● Standard 2.54mm servo PPM/S.BUS/Spectrum RC input (+5v/+3.3v selectable power from carrier board)
    • ● AUX VCC pins are connected together. This allows powering the AUX rail externally.
    Sku: 304002


    11,240.00 excl. GST
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    The mini carrier board for the Pixhawk Cube autopilot. This item comes standalone with no additional cables.
    Sku: 304001

    Mini Carrier Board

    7,500.00 excl. GST
  • New Version (Purple PCB) with L431 CAN node **As STM32F303CCT6 and STM32F405RGT6 are in shortage. ASPD-DLVR has been updated with L431 CAN node since Mar.2022.  L431 version has identical PCB size(purple PCB) and layout to previous F405 version.**
    Sku: 917011

    Matek Digital Airspeed Sensor ASPD-DLVR with L431 CAN Node

    8,500.00 excl. GST