Amass XT30U Male Bullet Connector 29.00 excl. GST

Amass XT30U Male Bullet Connector. For the tiny Measurement, It could take a small area and could place anywhere. This Connector Made from high-temp Nylon and gold-plated bullet connectors, both included in the injection mold at the time when forming the connector. Product coating is 24K real gold, the thickness of 0.05um, plug thousands of times, the coating will not fall off, prevent oxidation, good electrical conductivity.

The Amass XT30U Male Bullet Connector fits perfectly in applications where space is limited. Its compact size allows easy placement in tight spaces without compromising performance. Constructed from high-temperature Nylon, it offers durability and reliability even under extreme conditions.

Manufacturers integrate gold-plated bullet connectors into the injection mold, ensuring a seamless and robust connection. The connector features a 24K real gold coating with a thickness of 0.05µm. This high-quality coating allows the connector to be plugged and unplugged thousands of times without wearing off, maintaining excellent electrical conductivity and preventing oxidation.

Ideal for various electronic projects and applications, the Amass XT30U combines a small footprint with superior performance, making it a versatile and reliable choice for demanding electrical connections.

Amass 19B8Deb0 F1Ac 49E8 884A 7A47182C48E4The Amass XT30U  is a compact, high-temperature Nylon connector with 24K gold plating, ensuring durability and excellent conductivity for tight-space applications. Its robust design supports thousands of plug-unplug cycles without degradation.


  • Ideal for small LiPo applications.
  • Constructed from high-temperature nylon.
  • Resistant to deformation and melting.

Package Includes:

1 x XT30U Male Bullet Connector


Additional Information
Weight 4 g
Dimensions 7 × 4 × 1 cm