Amass- XT30UPB Male 60.00 excl. GST
Product Description

The AMASS XT30UPB Male series male socket is a reliable DC supply connector designed for versatile applications. Featuring a compact design, it fits easily onto PCBs through THT electrical mounting. With a 15A current rating, this connector ensures efficient power transfer for various devices.

Constructed from durable polyamide, the XT30UPB male socket withstands operating temperatures ranging from -20 to 120°C. Its body material and robust design provide excellent performance in both extreme cold and heat. The connector’s contact material, brass, combined with gold flash plating, guarantees superior conductivity and resistance to oxidation.

The XT30 series connector meets the stringent flammability standards of ECE R-118 and UL94V-0, ensuring safety in automotive and electronic applications. These standards assess the flammability of materials, ensuring that the connector performs reliably under fire hazard conditions. The yellow color enhances visibility and identification in complex wiring setups.

Rated at 500V, this connector is suitable for high-voltage applications, making it ideal for cables and wires requiring reliable insulation and protection. The XT30 male socket offers excellent mechanical durability with a lifespan of up to 1000 cycles, providing long-term reliability in repeated connection and disconnection scenarios.

Designed with a straight spatial orientation, the connector ensures easy alignment and integration into PCB layouts. The XT30 series connectors are perfect for projects requiring dependable DC power supply connections with high current and voltage ratings. Their compact size and durable construction make them a preferred choice for professionals and hobbyists alike.

Description Summary

In summary, the AMASS XT30 male socket provides a high-performance, durable, and safe solution for various DC supply needs. Its high-temp nylon body, gold-plated brass contacts, and compliance with flammability standards make it an excellent choice for demanding applications. With its reliable performance and robust design, the XT30 series connector ensures consistent and efficient electrical connections for a wide range of projects.