Anti-Vibration Fixed Screws – 4pcs 270.00 excl. GST

These Anti-Vibration fixed Screws are the pack of 4 screws that can be used to absorb and reduce vibrating shock from the quadcopter frame to the flight controller board, to protect it from damage as well as it provides tight-fitting on the frame.As high-frequency vibrations transmitted to the vehicle abatement head off on that definition aerial damage rate is greatly reduced.

These Flight controller anti-vibration screws are easy to install, fit perfectly and significant vibration is eliminated.


Package Includes:

1 x Anti Vibration Fixed Screws-4pcs.



Material rubber+alloy steel+brass
Color black+silver
Weight(g) 3
Screw Height(mm) 7mm rubber length and 4.5mm screw length
Screw Diameter(mm) 2.8