EFT E616P 16L Hexacopter Agriculture Spraying Drone PNP Set 172,809.00 excl. GST

The EFT E616P 16L Hexacopter Agriculture Spraying Drone PNP Set revolutionizes agricultural practices with its advanced capabilities. This professional-grade hexacopter offers an efficient and precise solution for crop spraying and agricultural tasks. Equipped with a powerful 16L tank, this drone kit enables the targeted application of fertilizers, pesticides, and other agricultural substances with accuracy and minimal waste. Its robust build and reliable flight performance ensure seamless operation even in challenging environments.

Classic Folding Body
Classic folding body, the new product continues the classic foldable body design, which is convenient for transportation and transition

Eft Eft Eseries Hexacopter DroneThe EFT E616P features intelligent flight control systems, including GPS positioning and waypoint navigation, enabling precise and automated spraying operations. With its high payload capacity and extended flight time, it covers large areas efficiently, saving time and resources.

Integrated Power Supply Wiring
Integrated power supply wiring, centralized power supply, separate signal, and power supply, reduce interference

Eft Eft Pdb

Upgrade your agricultural practices with the EFT E616P Hexacopter 16L Agricultural Spraying Drone Kit, and experience enhanced efficiency, accuracy, and productivity in your farming operations.


  1. Efficient Agricultural Spraying
  2. 16L Tank Capacity
  3. Robust Build
  4. High Payload Capacity
  5. Safety Features
  6. Precision and Accuracy
  7. Scalable and Customizable

Package Includes:

1 x E616P Drone Frame

1 x 16 Liters Tank

3 x Hobbywing X8 Motor CW

3 x Hobbywing X8 Motor CCW

3 x Drone Propeller CCW

3 x Drone Propeller CW

1 x 5 L brushless Pump

4 x Extended Spray Bar

1 x Universal Spray Pneumatic bracket

1 x RTK Mount

1 x Front radar Mount

1 x Height radar Mount

Additional Information
Weight 20000 g
Dimensions 72 × 50 × 50 cm