EFT G20 22L 8 Axis Agriculture Drone Frame 75,579.00 excl. GST

G20 customized agricultural drone flight platform, with an effective capacity of 22L, adopts a unique quick-release dual tanks, dual battery layout scheme, eight-axis surrounding folding structure, optional four-water pump + eight-nozzle spraying system; Abundant peripheral expansion, optional RTK, three-way radar, FPV camera, etc.


Eft 1713731Des1

Eft 1713731Des2

Eft 1713731Des3


  1. One-Piece Body: G20’s integrated design reduces parts, enhancing strength and waterproof performance.
  2. Symmetrical Eight-Axis Layout: Stable center of gravity with double front and rear tanks + left and right batteries for dual redundancy.
  3. Symmetrical Four-Axis Layout (G20-Q): Stable center of gravity with dual front and rear medicine tanks + dual left and right batteries.
  4. Quick-Release Double Battery + Double Tanks: Enables rapid medicine change and battery replacement, reducing operation waiting time.
  5. Optional Y-Shaped Extension Nozzles: Equipped with four Y-shaped extension rod nozzles and a powerful spray system for precise liquid atomization.
  6. Tower-Type Flight Control Design: Stacked tower-type flight control warehouse with clear wiring and easy maintenance.
  7. Optional Lower-Mounted Radar Warehouse: Achieves accurate height-fixing ground imitation and obstacle avoidance with optional lower-mounted radar.
  8. Recommended motor:X8 30inch
  9. Recommended battery: 16000mah 12s

Package Includes:

1 x EFT G20 22L 8 Axis Agriculture Drone Frame kit .

2 x Tank

Additional Information
Weight 17000 g
Dimensions 86 × 56 × 44 cm