Hobbywing Motor X6+ Combo CCW 10,400.00 Save:4,499.00(30%) excl. GST

XRotor Pro X6 brushless power system is an agricultural drone power system with single-axis load capacity of 3-5kg . The maximum single-axis thrust is 11.9kg.

Fits 30mm carbon fiber tube arm. IPX7, no fear of rain pesticides, salt spray, high temperature, sand, impact, and mud.

Optimization of the ESC FOC-motor PMS system algorithm. The system has power-on self-test, power-on voltage abnormal protection, over-current protection, external force stuck, stall protection and other protection functions, with real-time data transmission.

Package Included:
– 1 x Motor
– 1 x ESC
– 1 x Propeller CCW
– 1 x Motor Mount

– Single-axis Load Capacity: 3-5kg
– Maximum Thrust: 11.9kg
– Fit for: 6-12S (up to 52.2V)
– Operating Environment: -20℃ to 50℃
– Applicable Carbon Tube: 30mm
– Protection Level: IPX7
– Total Weight: 720g

– Propeller Type: 2388

– Model No.: 6215
– Outer Diameter: 70mm
– KV Value: 180KV

– Continuous Current: 80A (good heat dissipation)
– Instantaneous Current: 100A (good heat dissipation)
– Curing Throttle: 1100-1940μs
– Fit for: 6-12S