JIYI CAN HUB 12 for K++ and K3APro 6,399.00 Save:1,600.00(20%) excl. GST


for JIYI K3-A, K3-A pro, K++ flight control radar

Product Details –
Brand: JIYI
Weight: 95.00 g
The CAN HUB-12 module is mainly a CAN interface expansion device developed for new generation flight control K ++ and its peripheral supporting peripherals. It supports 6-14S power input, 12V CAN output, 12V power output. The CAN HUB-12 interface has strong expandability. It integrates step-down power supply and expansion interface into one, which is easy to use.

Features –
  • Strong interface expandability
  • Integrated power supply and expansion interface
Specifications –
CAN1 interface connected to K++ flight control
12V-CAN Output voltage 12V. can be connected to ground radar, obstacle avoidance radar, RTK, etc.
12V Output voltage 12V, interface XT30
6S-14S Input power 6S-14S
Wiring instructions –
Product size: