Brand Name: X-UAV
Item Name: Clouds
Material: EPO
Overall Length: 960mm
Height: 260mm
Wings: Removable
V-Tail: Removable
Mission Payloads: 60-1200g
Take-off: Throw Ejected
Elevation: 6000m
Cruising Speed: 50-80km/h
Cruise Time: 1.5-3h
Anti-wind Grade: LV.6
Spacecraft ca: 7R/RX1
Landing: Downhill or parachute

Recommended Part(Not Included):
Motor: 2814 KV840 *2
ESC: 40A*2,
Servo: 9g*5,
Blade: 12×6,
6 Channel Transmitter,
Lipo Battery: 4S 10000-22000mAh or 6S 10000-16000mAh

Product Description

The X-UAV MAPBIRD CLOUD SURVEY KIT is a versatile and robust unmanned aerial vehicle (UAV) designed to cater to various mission payloads ranging from 60 to 1200 grams. Constructed from durable Expanded Polyolefin (EPO), the Clouds model boasts an overall length of 960mm and a height of 260mm. Its innovative design includes removable wings and a V-Tail, allowing for easy transport and storage.

The Clouds UAV features a throw-ejected take-off mechanism, making it quick and efficient to deploy. For landing, it offers flexibility with options for downhill landing or parachute descent, enhancing its operational versatility.

Cruising at speeds between 50 to 80 km/h, the X-UAV Clouds can maintain flight for 1.5 to 3 hours, making it suitable for extended missions. The recommended motor setup includes dual 2814 KV840 motors, paired with two 40A electronic speed controllers (ESCs). For precise control, five 9g servos are suggested, and the recommended propeller size is 12×6.

To control the UAV, a 6-channel transmitter is required, ensuring comprehensive command over the aircraft’s functions. Powering the X-UAV Clouds are high-capacity lithium polymer (LiPo) batteries. Depending on mission requirements, either a 4S 10000-22000mAh or a 6S 10000-16000mAh battery can be used to achieve optimal performance.

Overall, the X-UAV Clouds is a highly capable and adaptable Fixed Wing Plane, suitable for a wide range of applications. Its robust design, coupled with advanced features and flexible payload options, makes it an excellent choice for both professional and recreational users seeking reliable aerial solutions.