Seagull #REC

• Video record Start/Stop• Zoom ( Variable Zoom In/Out speeds )
2 Auto Photo modes ( Pre-focus and Instant )
Manual Photo mode ( Manual Focus/Shutter release )
Camera On/Off
Timelapse ( Variable interval shutter release )


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#REC – Take Control.

Take control and capture the moment with Seagull #REC – exclusively designed for Sony MULTI equipped cameras!

#REC gives you the utmost control of your camera whilst in flight – from shutter control to video record, zoom and more. #REC is the most reliable Sony MULTI camera controller designed for usage within the UAV industry.

It’s a perfect solution if you are working within Aerial Videography, Photography, Geomapping, Agriculture Analysis, 3D modelling or similar fields where you need utmost control of your camera.

What it supports:

  • Flight Controllers: Like Pixhawk, APM, DJI Wookong, DJI A2, DJI A3.
  • R/C radio systems: That interfaces with standard PWM signal (almost any radio system).



  • Voltage: 3.6 – 16 volts (5 volts recommended – do NOT exceed 16V!) *can be optionally powered by a camera
  • Current draw: 25mA (average)
  • Input signal: Standard R/C PWM servo signal (between 1000 – 2000uS)
Weight 4 g
Dimensions 4.1 × 1.75 × 0.61 cm

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