SIYI DK32S Enterprise Remote Controller 30,479.00 excl. GST

The SIYI DK32S Enterprise Remote Controller is a state-of-the-art device designed to streamline and enhance remote management of various enterprise operations. It offers a user-friendly interface with robust control capabilities, allowing administrators to oversee and manage a range of tasks efficiently. Whether it’s monitoring industrial processes, security systems, or network infrastructure, the DK32S provides seamless control and automation, optimizing productivity and operational efficiency for businesses and enterprises of all kinds.

Siyi Qwe


  1. Compatible Pixhawk Flight Controllers are supported.
  2. Compatible RC Models include Planes, Copters, Gliders, Multi-Rotors, Vehicles, Boats, and Robotics.
  3. Signal Output provides 16 channels of S.BUS and 5 channels of PWM.
  4. Interface & Ports feature SBUS & PWM Pins, Datalink (to FC) with UART 4-Pin connectivity, and Firmware Upgrade via Micro-USB.
  5. Dimensions (antenna excluded) measure 55 x 45 x 16 mm.
  6. Weight (antenna excluded) is 50 g.
  7. Antenna Gain for the standard omni antenna is 5 dBi.
  8. Power Input ranges from 14.8 to 50.4 V (4S to 12S).
  9. Working Temperature ranges from -10 to 55℃.
  10. Advanced remote management.
  11. User-friendly interface.
  12. Versatile applications.
  13. Automation and optimization.
  14. Enhanced productivity.
  15. Ideal for businesses and enterprises.
Package Includes:

1 x SIYI DK32S Enterprise Remote Controller

Additional Information
Weight 1200 g
Dimensions 23 × 17 × 12 cm