T Motor Anti-gravity MN7005 KV230 20,229.00 excl. GST
Ultra light weight Antigravity 7005 T-Motors are available with anti-high temperature curved magnet which increases motor performance by 5%. Energy saving Antigravity type Tiger motors having 1.5kg thrust with efficiency of 13g/W. This type of T motors are made with specially imported German 7075 aviation aluminum alloy, strengthens motor cap with light weight design. Contains open structure for better cooling performance.
T-Motor 1567155768148095

  1. Imported German 7075 aviation aluminum
  2. Ultra Lightweight 188g only
  3. Anti-high temperature curved magnet with precise
  4. Motor performance increased by 5%
  5. ATA01123 prop adapter for P22inch prop
  6. It is for thrust requirement


Additional Information
Weight 118 g
Dimensions 15 × 11 × 3 cm