T Motor Quick-Attach-Detach Propeller Adapter Q2434 – V2 3,479.00 excl. GST

This pair of CW and CCW Quick-Attach-Detach Propeller Adapter is very useful for quickly attaching and detaching your drone propellers without any screw tightening work. Out of the box, you will get one CW (black) and one CCW (silver) detachable adapter with these specific colors of adapter you can always be ready with your propeller to attach it quickly to your drone motor without mistake, additionally, with this prop nut adapter you can keep spare pair of propellers to attach it quickly without using any tools on the racing field.


  1. Plug and Play operation
  2. Black and Silver color for CW and CCW identification
  3. High-quality Aluminium Material

This adapter is available in three different Specifications as below.

T-Motor Untitled 6

Package Includes:

1 x T Motor Quick-Attach-Detach Propeller Adapter Q2434 (CW & CCW Pair)

Additional Information
Weight 100 g
Dimensions 9 × 6 × 3 cm