Tattu 22000mAh 25C 23,499.00 excl. GST
Product Details
The most powerful battery is suitable for even the most demanding multi-rotor aircrafts and drones: Maximum capacity, super long flight time beyond known limits and stable performance at the same time set new benchmarks – Simply flying at its best! Experience the difference a quality battery makes to your aircraft’s flight.
Brand: TATTU
Weight: 2 489.00 g

TATTU Is A Popular Battery For Drones, The Tattu 22000mah 6S 22.2V 25C Lipo Battery Pack With XT90 S Anti Spark Connector Plug at the best price and rate in India Is The Best Choice To Match DJI S1000+ Professional Aerial Photography Equipment and agricultural drones and UAVs. Less Is More As The Slogan: The Single Cell Is 22000mah, Each Cell Connected In Series, It Is “Less” In The Whole Industry, But TATTU Is Committed To Providing “More” Clients The Perfect Flight Experience, No Matter In The Field Of Aerial Photography, Aerial Video, Aerial Mapping, Aerial Inspections, Agriculture, Etc.

  • Stable Automatical Stacking Technology Makes The Single Cell Capacity Can Reach 22000mah
  • The Most Strict Single Cell Capacity, Voltage, Resistance, Discharge Curve Matching Process.
  • Superior Japan And Korea Lithium Polymer Raw Materials.
  • Almost 200Wh/Kg Energy Density.
  • At Least 150 Times Cycle Life.
  • Minimum Capacity: 22000mah
  • Configuration: 6S1P / 22.2V / 6 Cells
  • Discharge Rate: 25C
  • Max Burst Discharge Rate: 50C
  • Net Weight(±20g): 2490g
  • Dimensions: 200mm Length X 91mm Width X 64mm Height
  • Balancer Connector Type:JST-XHR