TowerPro MG959 Full CNC Alloy Case High Torque Servo Motor

  1. Operating voltage: 4.8v~6.0v
  2. Operating temperature range: -0~+55℃
  3. Operating speed (4.8v): 0.16sec / 60 degree at no load
  4. Operating speed (6.0v): 0.13sec / 60 degree at no load
  5. Stall torque @ 4.8V:
  6. Stall torque @ 6.0V:
  7. Gear type: metal gears


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Getting an original TowerPro Servo Motor is not an economical option at all!!! And is also a very difficult task to recognize and buy an original TowerPro servo, Because there are many suppliers spread over different online shops who are selling fake servo motors  believes in satisfied customers, so whatever the product is, we first import them, then test them for their supplier defined and standard capabilities. Only after doing all the possible quality checks, we make the product available to our customers.

Now, we are presenting TowerPro MG959 Digital Metal Gear Servo Alloy Case. It includes accessories and has dual ball bearings and metal gearing. The Servo case milled from a single block of 6061 T651 aluminum is ready to use for giant airplanes! The product configure table is provided in the attachments. Please refer to it to get more information regd. the dimensions of the product.

Wire Description

RED – Positive

Brown – Negative

Orange – Signal



  1. Control system: +pulse width control 1520uS neutral
  2. Motor type: Coreless motor
  3. Potentiometer drive: Indirect drive
  4. Bearing type: Dual ball bearing
  5. Gear type: metal gears
  6. Connector wire length: 32cm
  7. Servo arms & screws are included
  8. CE & RoHS approved

Package Includes:

1 x TowerPro MG959 Full CNC Alloy Case High Torque Servo Motor & Accessories Parts(as shown in the image)

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