ADTI 24MP APS-C Mapping Camera Surveyor 24S(Aluminum Case) 95,000.00 Save:10,000.00(10%) excl. GST

24L V2 Surveyor Lite Mapping Camera is ADTi’s third generation of the 24MP APS-C Drone/UAV Mapping Cameras, it has ADTi SDK camera controlling system, that is compatible with airpixel for PIX4 and ardupilot MAVlink.

Also it has upgrade activate cooling fan, which is more efficient and lower power consumption comparing with the cooling system of 24L V1 Surveyor Lite.

It has bluetooth module that provides wireless camera setting setup, and its HDMI video capture card allows to connect with any android devices to check the camera settings.

It features:

1. light in weight (camera body 122 g)

2. compact in size (77*62*38.7 mm)

3. ABS injection molded case

4. 24MP APS-C

Image Sensor

Sensor Type:CMOS
Sensor Manufacturer:Sony
Effective Megapixels:24.3
Sensor Format:APS-C
Sensor size:366.6mm2 (23.50mm x 15.60mm)
Approximate Pixel Pitch:3.92 microns
Focal Length Multiplier:1.5x
Aspect Ratio:3:2
Color Filter Type:RGBG
Anti Aliasing Filter:Fixed
Color Depth (bits):23.8
Maximum Effective ISO:1,347

Image Capture

Image Resolution:
6000 x 4000 (24.0 MP, 3:2),
6000 x 3376 (20.3 MP, 16:9),
4240 x 2832 (12.0 MP, 3:2),
4240 x 2400 (10.2 MP, Other),
3008 x 2000 (6.0 MP, 3:2),
3008 x 1688 (5.1 MP, 16:9),
12416 x 1856 (23.0 MP, Other),
8192 x 1856 (15.2 MP, Other),
2160 x 5536 (12.0 MP, Other),
2160 x 3872 (8.4 MP, Other)
Image File Format:JPEG, RAW, RAW+JPEG
Continuous-mode frames/second:4.0

Video Capture

Video Resolution:
1920×1080 (60p/​60i/​30p/​24p)
1440×1080 (30p)
640×480 (30p)
Video File Format:XAVC S/AVCHD 2.0 / MP4
HD Video Out:Yes
HD Video Connection:HDMI

Lens & Optics

Lens Mount:Sony E
Normal Focus Range:25 cm to Infinity
Auto Focus: Yes
Manual Focus: Yes

Display (detached)

Power: 5V DC
Buttons: No
Screen Size: 2 inch mini touch screen


Camera Size:  7.7*6.2*3.8 cm
Camera Weight: 122 g
Package Size: 30*20*15 cm
Package Weight: 500 g
Power: 10-25V DC Lipo or Liion
Operating Temperature: -10 to 40°C