Tarot Flexible Micro HDMI Cable – 90 degree TL10A01 2,599.00 excl. GST
Product description :
Applicable to FPV UAV aircraft or HDMI HD PTZ aerial special, the use of imported ultra-soft shielded wire and Panasonic 20P hot-swappable socket, the whole use of nano-cloth winding. Ultra-soft wire will not affect the professional high-definition PTZ shock effect, but also to avoid the flight process due to flight vibration to bring the image of Caton.
Product performance:
1, conduction test set (100% test): Open / Short 100% test, on-resistance max8Ω; Insulation resistance max10MΩ; withstand voltage AC 100V / DC 200V
2, the connector under the edge of the double-sided dispensing and dispensing length does not exceed the connector, dispensing width 1.2mm Max & dispensing height 1.2mm Max
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Product Specifications:
    Micro HDMI to 20P hot-out socket x 1
    20P shielded wire with plug x 1
    Micro HDMI to 20P hot-swappable socket x 1