Benewake TF03 100M Long Distance Laser Lidar/Rangefinder for Drones UAV UAS Robots 16,899.00 excl. GST

If you want to detect Obstacles with your drones then the Benewake TF03 100M Long Distance Laser Lidar/Rangefinder is a quite good solution.

Benewake TF03 100M Long Distance Laser Lidar/Rangefinder for Drones as a single-point long distance LiDAR by the industrial level mainly targets the intelligent transportation system, industrial UAV, automotive, and other industrial applications.

To maximize different requirements in different applications and scenarios; TF03 can be compatible with a variety of communication interfaces; featuring IP67 high-intensity bodywork and the measurement frequency as high as 10KHz.

It not only has powerful performance and rich interfaces but also is small in volume so that it could be integrated more easily into applications. Also, TF03 contains a compensation algorithm targeting an outdoor highlight environment so that it could still work normally in a highlight environment.

Besides, it also has a variety of measurement models and parameters for custom configurations to meet the ranging needs of different customers.

As the third generation product of the TF series, TF03 inherits the cost-effective and compact- integration characteristics of the previous two generations. Meanwhile, TF03 upgrades more than ten key parameters and offers multiple expansion functions to meet the various demands in different application areas. The product applies to the terrain-following of drones, the collision avoidance of cars, intelligent transportation, and industrial safety warning.

Benewake Tf03 100M Long Distance Laser Lidar/Rangefinder For Drones Uav Uas Robots

Working Principle:

TF03 uses the pulse method to range the distance based on TOF (Time-of-Flight). Specifically, TF03 emits a beam of the light pulse which will be reflected by the object and received by TF03 again.TF03 calculates the time of flight in the course of the round trip and thus obtains the relative distance between TF03 and the measured object.


  1. Wide range, as far as 100m.
  2. Multi-interface compatibility, able to be used in many fields.
  3. IP67 high-strength bodywork and high reliability.
  4. Small in volume and easy to be integrated.
  5. High-speed measuring up to 10KHz, high repeated accuracy.
  6. Excellent highlight interference, able to be used outdoors.
Application Areas:
  1. Vehicle Classification recognition and vehicle counting
  2. UAV altitude holding an auxiliary landing
  3. Car collision avoidance
  4. Civil/industrial material level monitoring
  5. Safety warning.

Package Includes:

1 x Benewake TF03 100M Long Distance Laser Lidar/Rangefinder for Drones

Additional Information
Weight 100 g
Dimensions 13 × 10 × 6 cm