Radiomaster TX16S MKII Radio Controller Transparent RGB M2 Edition – ELRS Version 25,479.00 excl. GST

Introducing the TX16S MKII Radio Transparent edition, inspired by MCK, where technology meets stunning aesthetics. Immerse yourself in the crystal-clear case design and innovative RGB lighting system, offering four captivating RGB modes and a choice of five vibrant colors. This allows you to tailor your radio to your mood or style. Unleash your creative and unique personality with the TX16S MKII Radio Transparent edition!

Radiomaster Pic.20


  1. Clear Crystal Case and surrounding RGB lights design, experience the Heartbeat of Technology
  2. CNC metal folding handle, easy to carry and storage
  3. Updated sticky360 gimbal stick ends to bring you a comfortable, zero-slip experience
  4. Improved internal circuitry and optimized power supply
  5. New charge circuitry with integrated reverse-polarity protection
  6. Optimized charge IC now allows up to 2.2A internal USB-C charge current
  7. Rear-mounted audio jack provided headphone output
  8. V4.0 Gimbal improved centering and temperature stability
  9. Optional high/low rear grips are included for improved ergonomics
  10. Improved S1/S2 knobs with clear centre-detents
  11. Improved LS/RS Sliders with smoother feel and better centre-detents
  12. Redesigned battery cover for improved battery access
  13. Retooled body shell with improved fit and finish
  14. Trainer socket changed to standard TRS 3.5mm socket
  15. Rear DIY Socket added for personalized mods
  16. Improved internal plastics for better longevity
  17. Gimbal: V4.0 Hall sensor
  18. Radio firmware: EdgeTX
  19. Module Firmware: ExpressLRS (ELRS)
  20. Module Bay: JR compatible module bay
  21. Upgrade method: Supports USB-C online / SD card offline upgrade
  22. Built-in ExpressLRS Backpack

Package Includes:

1 x TX16S MKII Radio Transparent Version

1 x 18650 Tray

1 x USB-C Cable

1 x Screen Protector

4 x Low Tension Springs

1 x 1.5mm Allen Key

1 pair of flat grips

1  pair of raised grips (installed on radio by default)

1 x TX16S Key Chain

1 x RadioMaster Neck Strap

1 x Stickers

1 x Manual

Additional Information
Weight 1000 g
Dimensions 20 × 20 × 20 cm