SIYI HM30 Full HD Digital Image Transmission FPV System 26,969.00 excl. GST

The SIYI HM30 Full HD Digital Image Transmission FPV System is an advanced solution for first-person view (FPV) enthusiasts. This system offers high-definition video transmission with exceptional clarity, enabling real-time, immersive experiences for drone pilots and remote operators. Its compact design ensures easy integration with various drones and RC vehicles. With reliable digital transmission technology, it provides stable and lag-free video feeds, making it an ideal choice for capturing breathtaking aerial footage and enhancing the FPV flying experience.

Siyi 1122

Ground Unit

Monitor Display: 0.96-inch OLED Screen
Dimensions (antennas and battery excluded): 109 x 61 x 28 mm
Weight (antenna and battery excluded): 132 g
Compatible Battery Type:
– NP-F550 / F750 / F770 / F950 / F970 series quick release batteries
(HM30 Fly More Combo comes with NP-F750 battery)
Fast Charging Protocol: PD 30W
Antenna Gain:
– Standard Omni Antennas: 5 dBi
– Standard Long Range Antennas: 11 dBi
Power Consumption: 5 W
Interface & Ports:
– S.Bus / PPM RC Signal Input: RC (GH1.25 4-Pin)
– Datalink Output: UART (GH1.25 4-Pin)
– Ethernet Port: LAN (GH1.25 4-Pin)
– Power Output: VCC (GH1.25 4-Pin)
– USB Video Output / Charging / Firmware Upgrade / USB WiFi: Type-C
– Power Input: PWR (XT30)
– Tripod Connector: 1/4-inch Screw Hole
Waterproof Level: IP53
Working Temperature: -10 to 50℃

Air Unit
Signal Output: 16 channels of S.BUS, 5 channels of PWM
Interface & Ports:
– SBUS: 3-Pin
– Datalink (to FC): UART 4-Pin
– PWM Channel 1 to 5: 6-Pin
– Video Input: Ethernet 8-Pin
– Firmware Upgrade: Type-C
Dimensions (antenna excluded, fan included): 70 x 55 x 16 mm
Weight (antenna excluded): 74 g
Antenna Gain (standard omni): 5 dBi
Power Input: 11 to 16.8 V (expandable to 4S to 18S with BEC)
Working Temperature: -10 to 50℃

FPV Camera
Frame & Bitrate: 720p 30fps 1.57Mbps H.265 (or 1080p 30fps 2.3 Mbps H.265 only as the reference to DIY configuration)
Sensor: 1/2.9″ CMOS
Effective Resolution: 3 MP
Lens: 3.2 mm, F/2.8
Camera Angle: FOV 105°
Dimensions: 42 x 42 x 25 mm
Weight: 23 g
Cable Lens: 1000 mm
Working Temperature: -10 to 55℃

Ground Unit HDMI Output Converter (Optional)
HDMI Port Type: Standard HDMI
Power Consumption: 2.5 W
Dimensions: 52 x 52 x 16 mm
Weight: 150 g
Working Temperature: -10 to 55℃


  1. High-definition digital video transmission.
  2. Seamless FPV experience for drone pilots.
  3. Compact and easily integrated with drones.
  4. Reliable and lag-free video feeds.
  5. Enhances aerial photography and videography.
  6. Ideal for remote operators seeking real-time clarity.
  7. Advanced technology for immersive FPV adventures.

Package Includes:

1 x SIYI HM30 Full HD Digital Image Transmission FPV System

Additional Information
Weight 1011 g
Dimensions 21 × 15 × 7 cm