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SIYI ZR10 Hybrid Zoom Gimbal Camera with HDR Starlight Night Vision 3-Axis Stabilizer

The SIYI ZR10 Hybrid Zoom Gimbal Camera is a compact and versatile imaging device that combines the functionality of a high-quality camera with a stabilizing gimbal system. With an advanced hybrid zoom capability and SIYI ZR10 offers impressive zooming performance for capturing distant subjects in sharp detail. Its intuitive controls and portability make it a valuable tool for both amateur and professional photographers, enabling them to capture stunning photos and videos with ease.


  1. The video output port is through Ethernet, providing a reliable and high-quality video transmission.
  2. For control signal input, the gimbal accepts various protocols, including S.Bus, PPM, UART, and UDP, offering flexibility in control options.
  3. The gimbal ensures stability with an angular vibration range of ±0.01°.
  4. It provides controllable pitch angles from -90° to +25°, with a mechanical pitch angle range of -135° to +45°.
  5. The controllable yaw angle spans -45° to +45°, and the mechanical yaw angle covers -90° to +90°.
  6. The camera features a 10X optical zoom (30X hybrid zoom) lens.
  7. The focal length ranges from 5.15±5% to 47.38±5% mm.
  8. The minimum focus distance is 200 mm, and the image sensor is a 1/2.7”-inch, 4 MP effective resolution.
  9. The aperture varies from F1.8 to F2.5, providing flexibility in different lighting conditions.
  10. The field of view (FOV) is diagonal 79.5° and horizontal 71.5°.
  11. For recording, the camera supports 2K (2560*1440) resolution at 30 fps.
  12. The video storage bitrate is 12 Mbps.
  13. The file storage format is FAT32, and it supports MicroSD Class 10 cards up to 128GB.
  14. In still photography mode, it captures images in a single mode.
  15. Evaluative metering is even used for accurate exposure.

Package Includes:

1 x SIYI ZR10 Hybrid Zoom Gimbal Camera with HDR Starlight Night Vision 3-Axis Stabilizer

Additional Information
Weight 711 g
Dimensions 18 × 13.5 × 9 cm