ADS-B IN Carrier Board 17,499.00 Save:4,001.00(19%) excl. GST

This is an updated version of the original carrier board, its overall footprint is identical to the previous versions and main changes compared to original carrier are as follows:

Integration of uAvonix ADS-B IN Receiver
Built-In ADS-B Antenna
Revmoval of Intel Edison Bay and Debug USB Ports
New Product Livery
Correct labelling Of CAN Ports
All other specification and external connections remain identical to the original board apart from the following

uAvionix ADS-B Receiver

The new carrier board has an integrated 1090Mhz ADS-B IN receiver from uAvionix, this allows users to detect ADS-B OUT equip aircraft in the area and displays information such as the Position, Altitude, Speed and ID of the detected aircraft on a connected ground station. This also allow sense and avoid features included in Ardupilot to be used if configured.
This ADS-B receiver is connected to the internal serial 5 Port, this is compatible with Ardupilot, Mission Planner and QGC.This system will

To enable ADSB in Ardupilot to detect aircraft on ground station you need to set the following parameters

ADSB_ENABLE = 1 Enable ADS-B (Disabled as default)
SERIAL5_BAUD = 57 Set baud rate
SERIAL5_PROTOCOL = 1 Set protocol
SR0_ADSB = 2 Set ADSB stream rate to ground station
Note: You may need to set SR1_ADSB = 2 to enable receiving on ground statiion on Telem 1 or SR2 for Telem 2.

For Advanced users you can set the ADS-B Alarm and Sens and Avoid with the following parameters

AVD_ENABLE = 1 Enable alarm and avoidance using ADSB
AVD_W_ACTION = 1 (0=Disable, 1=Enable ) Enable Warnings
AVD_F_ACTION = 1 Controls how the vehicle should respond to a projected near-miss (i.e. 0= None, 1= Report, 2=Climb Or Descend, 3=Move Horizontally, 4=Move Perpendicularly in 3D, 5=RTL or 6=Hover)
AVD_F_RCVRY = 3 sets how the vehicle will behave after the vehicle has cleared the near-miss area (i.e. 0 = Remain in EXCER_ADSB, 1 = resume previous flight mode, 2 = RTL, 3 = Resume if AUTO else Loiter)
More information on these settings can be found