Cube Red Pro Standard Set (Beta Version) 120,000.00 excl. GST

Introducing the Cube Red Pro Standard Set, a cutting-edge professional flight control system designed for UAVs. Moreover, the Cube Red Pro offers full compatibility with Ardupilot and PX4, ensuring seamless integration and top performance. Consequently, this advanced flight control system is equipped with numerous state-of-the-art features that make it the ideal choice for UAV enthusiasts and professionals alike.

Firstly, one of the key features is the STM32H7 dual-core processors, which include a double-precision FPU. Therefore, this ensures fast and accurate computations, essential for precise flight control. Additionally, the system includes an Ethernet interface, allowing for easy and reliable connectivity. Furthermore, the DSI out feature enhances display capabilities, providing clear and sharp visuals.

Moreover, the Cube Red Pro Standard Set includes an isolated static air port, which helps maintain accurate air pressure readings. Additionally, the Type-C debugging interface allows for convenient and efficient debugging processes. In addition, the CAN FD port ensures high-speed data communication, vital for complex UAV operations.

Notably, the system is equipped with four sets of IMUs and three barometers, providing comprehensive data for superior flight stability and control. Furthermore, the replaceable fully closed uppercase and isolated static air ducts enhance durability and performance. For added versatility, additional foams with varying hardness are included, catering to different operational needs.




1x Cube Red (Beta Version)
1x ADSB Carrier Board (For Red Cube Only)
1x Power Brick Mini
1x The Cube Standard Cable Set V2.1
1x Waterproof Top Case
1x Air Tube Connector (M3)
1x CAN BUS Splitter
1x Foam (A)
1x Foam (B)
1x Ethernet Cable (mini I/O to RJ45; 30cm)
4x Mounting Screw
3x 3M Large Sticker
2x 3M Medium Sticker
4x 3M Small Sticker