Amass XT60H Female Connector with Housing 37.00 excl. GST

The XT60H Female connector, made from high-temp nylon with gold-plated connectors, delivers excellent high-amp connections for applications up to 65A. The design improvements make it shorter and lighter, enhancing user-friendliness for easier connection and disconnection. The improved integrated grip area ensures a secure hold, while the tight locking housing provides additional protection to the soldered points.


The different color options not only offer visual appeal but also help identify connections easily. The “H” in XT60H signifies these enhancements, making this connector a reliable and stylish choice for various applications. Mechanical mounting is for cables, and electrical mounting requires soldering.


Contact plating is gold flash, ensuring optimal conductivity and durability. The contact material is brass, which is compatible with wire sizes up to 12AWG. The spatial orientation is straight, facilitating straightforward installations. The XT60H connector is designed to withstand rigorous usage, providing consistent performance even in demanding conditions.


Its robust construction and user-friendly features make it an ideal choice for professionals and hobbyists alike. The high-temp nylon and gold-plated connectors ensure longevity and reliability, making the XT60H a preferred connector for high-amp applications.


The compact and lightweight design does not compromise on performance, offering a seamless connection experience. The enhanced grip area and tight locking housing ensure that connections remain secure, even in challenging environments.


The different color options add a touch of personalization and practicality, helping users easily manage and identify their connections. The Amass XT60H Female connector, with its advanced features and superior build quality, stands out as a top choice for those seeking reliable and efficient high-amp connections.


Whether for professional or personal use, the XT60H connector delivers exceptional performance and durability, meeting the highest standards of quality and reliability.


  1. Mechanical mounting for cable
  2. Electrical mounting soldered
  3. Contact plating Gold flash
  4. Spatial Orientation Straight
  5. Contact Material: Brass
  6. Compatible for Wire size up to 12AWG




Brand Amass
Gender: Female
Operating Voltage (VDC): 500
Current Handling Capacity (A) 60
No. of Contact Points 2
Connector Type XT60H
Contact Material Brass
Contact Plating Gold flash
Metal Connector Size (mm) 4.5
Color: Yellow-Gray
Weight (g): 8
Operating Temperature (°C) -20 to 120
Flammability Rating
Allowed Wire Size (AWG): 14 ~ 12
Shipping Weight 0.012 kg
Shipping Dimensions 8 × 3 × 3 cm