Amass XT60W Female Connector 69.00 excl. GST
Key Features

The AMASS XT60W Female Connector plug is a reliable and high-quality DC supply connector designed for various demanding applications. Manufactured by AMASS, this female connector belongs to the XT60 series and features two pins, ensuring a secure connection. The connector is designed for mechanical mounting on cables, providing a sturdy and reliable attachment. Additionally, electrical mounting requires soldering, which guarantees a solid and stable connection, essential for high-performance applications.

The contact plating is gold flash, which ensures excellent conductivity and resistance to corrosion. The plug’s color is black, making it easily identifiable in various setups. Moreover, it has a current rating of 20A, suitable for numerous high-power applications. The operating temperature ranges from -20°C to 120°C, ensuring reliable performance in extreme conditions. The rated voltage for this connector is 500V, providing robust electrical performance for a variety of applications. Moreover, the connector’s spatial orientation is straight, allowing for straightforward installation and use.

Durability and Compliance

Furthermore, the flammability rating meets the ECE R-118 standard, which applies to fire testing of materials used in motor vehicle interiors. Additionally, it complies with the UL94 standard, which assesses the flammability of plastic materials in various industries, including electronics, automotive, and construction. Specifically, it is rated at UL94V-0.

This XT60 plug is compatible with wire sizes up to 12AWG, offering versatility in different wiring setups. The contact material is copper, ensuring durability and excellent conductivity. Additionally, the mechanical durability of this connector is rated for 1000 cycles, ensuring long-term reliability in repeated use. The XT60 plug’s design and specifications make it an excellent choice for applications requiring reliable and durable connections. Its high-current handling capacity, robust construction, and compliance with stringent flammability standards make it suitable for use in automotive, electronic, and various other industries.

Overall, the AMASS XT60W Female Connector plug is a high-performance connector designed to meet the needs of demanding applications. Its combination of durability, reliability, and ease of use makes it a valuable component for many high-power setups. The related item, XT60W-M, complements this product, providing a comprehensive solution for various electrical connection needs.

Type of connector
DC supply
Connector series
Kind of connector
Number of pins
Mechanical mounting
for cable
Electrical mounting
Contact plating
gold flash
Current rating
Flammability rating

ECE R-118:
This regulation applies to fire testing of materials used in the interiors
of motor vehicles, such as upholstery, floor coverings, etc.

This standard is used to assess the flammability of plastic materials
used in various industries, including the electronics, automotive
and construction sectors.

Operating temperature
Rated voltage

For products in the Cables and Wires category, a digit/digit number indicates:
Rated volage U0/U
U0 = cable nominal voltage between the conductor and the metal covering or earth
U = cable nominal voltage between the phase conductors
Spatial orientation

Information about relative position of each cable, terminals or PCB entry
Contact material
Mechanical durability
1000 cycles
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