Amass XT60H Male Connector with Housing 39.00 excl. GST

The Amass XT60H Male Connector plug is a high-quality DC supply connector, ideal for demanding electronic applications. This male connector features two pins and supports mechanical mounting for cables, ensuring a secure connection. In addition Electrical mounting is achieved through soldering, providing a reliable and efficient interface.

Further Designed for robustness, the XT60H Male Connector plug’s contacts are made from brass and plated with gold flash, offering excellent conductivity and durability. The connector’s straight spatial orientation allows easy integration into various designs, making it versatile for different setups. moreover Compatible with wire sizes up to 12AWG, it can handle substantial current loads efficiently.

Next With a current rating of 30A and a rated voltage of 500V, the XT60 plug is suitable for high-power applications. The connector’s yellow polyamide body withstands temperatures from -20 to 120°C, ensuring consistent performance in extreme conditions. And It complies with stringent flammability standards, including ECE R-118 and UL94V-0, ensuring safety in various environments.

Lastly, The XT60 plug, designed by Amass, is known for its mechanical durability, supporting up to 1000 connection cycles without performance degradation. This makes it an ideal choice for both hobbyists and professionals who require reliable and long-lasting connectors.



equally Important

  1. Mechanical mounting for cable
  2. Electrical mounting soldered
  3. Contact plating Gold flash
  4. Spatial Orientation Straight
  5. Contact Material: Brass
  6. Compatible for Wire size up to 12AWG


Brand Amass
Gender: Male
Operating Voltage (VDC): 500
Current Handling Capacity (A) 60
No. of Contact Points 2
Connector Type XT60H
Contact Material Brass
Contact Plating Gold flash
Metal Connector Size (mm) 4.5
Color: Yellow-Gray
Weight (g): 6
Operating Temperature (°C) -20 to 120
Flammability Rating
Allowed Wire Size (AWG): 14 ~ 12