Benewake TF02-i-CAN Long Distance sensor 9,599.00 excl. GST

The TF02-i LIDAR ToF Optical Ranging Sensor is a unidirectional ranging LiDAR, which is mainly used in height ranging and terrain-following of drones, supporting flight controls like Plixhawk, APM, TopXGun, EFY Technology, aiAero, DAISCH, etc.

Benewake TF02-i LiDAR Distance Sensors are updated single-point ranging LiDAR based on TF02-Pro. These sensors have been optimized in communication interface, input voltage, and reverse protection. These distance sensors operate from 7V to 30V supply voltage range and -20°C to 70°C temperature range. The TF02-i sensors suits for various industrial environments like pedestrian detection, vehicle testing, and altitude.

The protection design of the TF02-i is based on the IP65 level, which prevents it from dust, water, and corrosion. It is anti-inferential from the strong light outdoors. It can work under 100K lux light without interference from the temperature, humidity, light, electronics, and airflow.

High sensitivity, measuring distance up to 40 meters, accuracy in cm level. Scan frequency up to 1000Hz, real-time distance detection with a 500 times/second refresh rate for more accurate data. TF02-i has a complete system containing a protective shell made of materials with a high transmittance of infrared, which doesn’t affect the optical performance.

It has been widely used in height fixing and terrain-following of drones, especially in agriculture. As a considerably mature product in the market, TF02-i LiDAR Laser Rangefinder Sensor has collected a large amount of experience and actual data in different situations, which has been taken as feedback for further product improvements. Meanwhile, to guarantee the reliability of the TF02-i, we conduct a rigorous seismic test, and the performance of TF02-i turns out excellent.


  1. Robot Obstacle avoidance
  2. Drones UAV Anti-collision
  3. UAV Auto landing
  4. UAV Height fixing / Distance keeping
  5. UAV Terrain following
  6. Level Measurement
  7. Robots Obstacle avoidance
  8. Tank volume / Bins volume/ Silo material level Detection
  9. Smart Parking
  10. Crane safety Operations
  11. Wheel Ahead Detection/Alert
  12. Vehicles Position Sensing/vehicles counting
  13. Vehicles Detection for toll Gate Control
  14. People Counting
  15. Triggering Switch
  16. Part of Rotating LiDAR

Package Includes:

1 x Benewake TF02-i-CAN Long Distance sensor

Additional Information
Weight 183 g
Dimensions 10 × 13 × 5 cm