TF02-Pro LIDAR Distance Ranging Sensor FOR DRONES UAV UAS Robots (40M) IP65 LiDAR 5,599.00 excl. GST

TF02-Pro is a single-point ranging LiDAR based on the TF02 upgrade. The performance and accuracy of different reflectivity are improved, it can achieve stable, accuracy, sensitive and high-frequency range detection.

In order to provide the customer with the best cost-effective products, TF02-Pro has been greatly upgraded and optimized based on TF02. The range at 90% and 10% reflectivity can reach 40m and 13.5m respectively, and the most important thing is the outdoor range will not be shortened by strong ambient light. Under the harsh condition of 100Klux and 10% reflectivity, the ranging performance of TF02-Pro is improved by 68.75%, the accuracy has been improved at the same time, that is between 5m and 40m is increased by 50% with relative error  ±1%. The error performance under 10% reflectivity is almost the same as 90% reflectivity.

The power consumption is reduced by 50%, while the maximum average power is less than 1W(@5V),it can support the supply voltage from 5V to 12V. The interface has also become richer, it has UART/I2C/IO. In conclusion, TF02-Pro can look closer, reach further, has higher accuracy, higher frequency, lower power consumption, richer interface, a wider range of temperature adaptation and voltage input.

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  1. The range up to 40 meters
  2. Ambient light resistance(Up to 100Klux)
  3. High frame rate(up to 1000Hz)
  4. Low power consumption
  5. Wide range of temperature adaptation and voltage input.
  6. Has higher Accuracy and frequency.
  7. Richer Interface – UART/I2C/IO


  1. Intelligent traffic
  2. Intelligent parking lots
  3. Material level monitoring
  4. UAV
  5. Vehicle detection for barrier gate control.
  6. Robots outdoor obstacle avoidance.
  7. Vehicle position sensing.

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Package Includes:

1 x TF02 PRO LIDAR Distance Ranging Sensor for Drones UAV UAS Robots (40M)

Additional Information
Weight 100 g
Dimensions 8 × 5 × 4 cm