SIYI ZT30 Optical Pod 4Sensors 4K 8MP 180X Hybrid Gimbal Camera

The SIYI ZT30 Optical Pod with Four Sensors is a versatile and advanced aerial camera system. It incorporates four high-resolution optical sensors that capture detailed imagery and data from the sky. This pod is designed for various applications, including aerial photography, mapping, and surveillance. Its compact and durable construction ensures reliable performance in challenging environments. The SIYI ZT30 enhances the capabilities of drones, making it an essential tool for professionals in diverse industries.

Siyi Bbee.5 1


  1. Four High-Resolution Optical Sensors
  2. Versatile Aerial Camera System
  3. Ideal for Photography, Mapping, and Surveillance
  4. Compact and Durable Design
  5. Enhances Drone Capabilities
  6. Suitable for Various Professional Applications

Siyi Bbee.1 Infrared Zoom

The thermal camera supports 2x digital zoom and accurately controls more picture details.

Synchronized Zoom

Thermal imaging cameras and zoom cameras can zoom in and out synchronously in the same perspective. The operator can quickly obtain valuable information by comparing the details of the picture.

Siyi Bbee.2
Siyi Bbee.3 Video Split-Screen

ZT30 can split screen for video streams from any two sensors freely and the third sensor can be streamed in the floating window simultaneously

Starlight Night Vision

The ultra-sensitive starlight CMOS keeps images bright in low-light environments.

Siyi Ab.4
Siyi Ab.5 Point To Focus

Point anywhere to focus the lens from the zoom camera to get a clear view of selected part of the screen

Focus Tracking

Zoom camera stays focused and keeps filming smooth videos while users are scaling images

Siyi Bbee.4
Siyi Ab.7 HDR

HDR (High Dynamic Range) precisely captures good details of highlights and shadows in dynamic scenes to get true colors and natural brightness.

ZT30 Quick Release Anti-Vibration Claw

Dimension: 141*140*42.5 mm
Weight: 104 g
Angular Vibration Range: ±0.01°
Controllable Pitch Angle: -90° to +25°
Controllable Yaw Angle: Limitless
Roll Angle: -45° to +45°
Zoom Camera
Lens: 30X Optical Zoom (180X Hybrid Zoom)
Focal Length: 4.8% to 149 mm (±5%)
Image Sensor: 1/2.7 Inch, 8 MP effective resoultion
Aperture: F1.3 to F4.8 (±5%)
FOV: Horizontal 62°
Video Recording Resolution:
– 4K (4096 x 2160) @ 30 fps
– 2K (2560 x 1440) @ 30 fps
– 1080p (1920 x 1080) @ 30 fps
– 720p (1280 x 720) @ 30 fps

Still Photo Resolution: 4K (4096 x 2160)

Thermal Imaging Camera
Resolution: 640 x 512
Digital Zoom: 2X
– Focal Length: 19 mm
– Aperture: F1.1
– Fixed Focus
– Athermalization
Wavelength Range: 8 ~ 14 um
Temperature Measuring Range
– High Gain: -20 ~ +150℃
– Low Gain: 0 ~ +550℃
Temperature Measuring Accuracy
– ±2℃ (-20 ~ +150℃)
– ±3℃ (0 ~ +550℃)
Temperature Measuring Mode
– Point to Measurement
– Full-Screen Measurement

Wide Angle Camera
Image Sensor: 1/2.8 Inch, 4 MP effective resoultion
Equivalent Focal Length: 21 mm
FOV: Horizontal 88°

Video Recording Resolution: 2K (2560 x 1440) @ 30 fps

Still Photo Resolution: 2K (2560 x 1440)

Range Finder
Range: 5 ~ 1200 m
Wavelength Range: 900 ~ 908 nm
Resolution: 0.1 m
Ranging Accuracy:
– ±1 m (3 ~ 100 m)
– ±1 + L*0.25% m, L=Length (100 ~ 600 m)
Laser Pulse Frequency: 3 Hz
Max Laser Power: 5 mW

General Camera Specs
Video Storage Bitrate: 15 Mbps (H.265 codec)

File Storage Format: FAT32
Image Format: JPG
Video Format: MP4
Supported MicroSD Cards: MicroSD Class10, Max 128GB
Still Photography Mode: Single
Metering Mode: Evaluative metering

Package Includes:

1 x SIYI ZT30 Optical Pod Four Sensors 4K 8MP 180X Hybrid 30X Optical Zoom Gimbal Camera

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